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Mashiach Ministries

Welcome to Mashiach Ministries

Shalom Shalom friendos. Welcome to Mashiach Ministries. We are a Unitarian, Messianic Jewish, Hebrew Roots, Sacred Name Movement Ministry.

We believe in the ONE TRUE GOD of the Bible. We believe God's real true Sacred Name is Yahweh (NOT, "Jehovah," or, "the LORD.") We do NOT believe God is a, "Trinity."

We believe in the Messiah and the ONLY Brought Forth (Begotten) SON of God. We believe the Messiah's real true Sacred Name is Yahshua (NOT, "Jesus," or, "Yeshua.") We do NOT believe that Yahshua is, "literally," God.

We do NOT believe the LAW of God (the Torah) has been done away with in ANY way.

My name is Christopher Robbins but my Hebrew Name is Mashiach. Hence the name, "Mashiach Ministries."

We are committed to teaching people the TRUTH about God and His Word. The TRUTH that the LAWLESS Christian Church has been hiding from us. They have been LYING to you!! They do NOT care about your Soul. They ONLY care about your MONEY!!

But WE CARE about you and your Soul!! Thats why we are here to teach you the TRUTH. Because WIDE is the GATE that leads to DESTRUCTION and MANY enter it!! But NARROW is the WAY that leads to LIFE, but there be FEW who find it!!

And thats what we are all about here at Mashiach Ministries. Getting you onto that NARROW PATH. So that you can change from your WICKED ways, SO THAT YOU CAN LIVE!!

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